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How men should deal with Infertility

How men should deal with Infertility

16:22 25th July 2022 | Male Infertility

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It's 2022 and blaming women should take a back seat in fertility discussions. 

If you're a man, you would have searched online about possible reasons for delays in achieving conception. You would also know that there are several tests you can take to confirm if the problem is you - yes you.

Pregnancy is something that couples expect to come easy, especially when they start trying for a baby. It's usually something that seems to be a 'woman' problem when pregnancy isn't happening as fast as expected (Read our previous article about overcoming female infertility here). But many men require medical intervention to help achieve conception.

Here are a few steps you can take to start your "getting help" journey:

  • See a doctor. You can begin with your family GP or a urologist. A urologist will get straight to the matter and ask you specific questions about your lifestyle habits like smoking, exercise, medications, sex life, previous STIs (if any), etc.
  • Get a Sperm/Semen analysis. This is an exercise that helps experts check your sperm count, movement, shape and other characteristics that categorise it as "high or low quality."  

Delaying only stalls the inevitable. Get expert help as soon as you suspect something isn't right. Testing is not for the ladies alone; men need to get tested too. 

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