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I am confused. When do I ovulate?

I am confused. When do I ovulate?

17:53 25th July 2022 | Ovulation

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You've probably heard several times that ovulation is the best time to have intercourse. That's not entirely wrong, but this piece will help you understand how best to take full advantage of this information.

First, how long does ovulation last? Simple - 12-24 hours. So, is intercourse during this time always going to give rise to a pregnancy? 

The release of a mature oocyte happens once a month or every 28 days, usually around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Once released, the egg remains in the fallopian tube for 12-24 hours waiting for sperm cells to come to fertilize it.

Sperm cells can live for up to 5 days in the female reproductive tract. Also worthy of note is that the exact time of ovulation varies from woman to woman based on different factors such as health, stress, etc. For some women, the egg may be released before the 14th day, and for others, it may be released after the 14th day, making the woman's fertile window somewhat wide, say around 6-7 days.

This information is important for you to note because:

  1. It gives medical professionals some form of insight into your body's behaviour; to know if you are ovulating or not.
  2. It helps you and your partner with timed intercourse.
  3. It helps your specialist carry out timed insemination (if necessary) or other medical interventions that will help you ovulate.

If your ovulation seems confusing, inconsistent, or non-existent, it's best to seek expert help. The sooner, the better, and the faster you will get a resolution.

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