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Fertility doctor or OB/GYN: Who do we need to consult?

Fertility doctor or OB/GYN: Who do we need to consult?

14:06 4th August 2022 | IVF Treatment Cycle

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The moment you realize it is taking you longer than usual to conceive, you may become awash with emotion. You may feel uncertain as to what to do and where to begin. You may also feel slightly overwhelmed by the fact that the problem could be with you.

We understand the emotional roller coaster you may feel. Over the decades, we’ve had so many couples walk into our consulting rooms filled with grief. Many of them break down in tears, letting out the pain of many years of waiting. Thankfully, we have seen many of them complete their families.

If you’ve been trying for six months (for women over 35) or for over one year (for women over 30), the best thing you can do for yourself is to immediately swing into action and acknowledge the fact that you and your spouse may need some medical intervention to expedite your journey to parenthood.

Here are some things to jumpstart your quest for medical assistance.

-          - Consider how long you have been trying to conceive

-          - Consider your age, knowing that a woman’s ovarian reserve begins a rapid decline from age 35

You might be unsure about who to run to for treatment. Your OB/GYN or a fertility specialist? What can one do for me over the other?

An OB/GYN can conduct an evaluation and get you to take preliminary tests to determine some of the challenges you may have. It has been observed that a common problem couples have is timing intercourse rightly. Knowing the woman’s fertile window helps give couples some form of precision.

An OB/GYN may have some extra training and may be able to give you some treatment for your fertility issues.

A fertility specialist, on the other hand, has been specifically trained to deal with fertility issues. They are able to dive deeper into the issues to reveal the possible cause(s) of your problem. If you have had at least two miscarriages, consistent painful periods, or irregular ovulation, seeing a fertility specialist is what you need. Other reasons to see a fertility specialist includes sexually transmitted diseases, fibroids, and even obesity.

Beyond just focusing on the woman, a fertility specialist can also evaluate the man (unlike the OB/GYN) and tackle any potential sperm quality issues. A fertility specialist can request a semen analysis and based on the results, he may refer your partner to a urologist for further evaluation.

Both specialties are relevant, however, in fertility-related issues, a fertility doctor will be able to help you understand your difficulties much faster.

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