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Young couples need help too

Young couples need help too

17:51 27th June 2022 | Infertility Treatment

Young couple ivf help

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win." - Anonymous

Beautiful wedding gown, amazing husband, pretty wife, lovely wedding décor, smashing photos. Every young couple sees a picture-perfect future when they get married. Sometimes, infertility gives them a very rude shock.

Young couples never dream of experiencing fertility delays. They never expect to walk into a consulting room to talk to a doctor about their sex routine, their sexual history, possible past STIs, and other details that are required for a diagnosis of infertility.

"But Doctor, I got married as a virgin..."

"Doctor, I used to believe that infertility was only a problem for people who had previously had abortions...."

"Doctor, we are too young to be experiencing this kind of problem."

"Doctor, my whole family is fertile. All my sisters have kids!"

"But I've been using fertility drugs and folic acid for years..."

These questions are common in our consulting rooms. However, speaking with a fertility doctor will give you specific answers as opposed to speculated conclusions you may have derived on your own.

The truth about infertility is that, the longer you stall, the harder it gets to achieve conception, even by assisted means. Getting help early gives you a higher chance of achieving conception. If you and your partner have been actively trying to achieve conception for over 12 months, get professional help right away.

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