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Mastering the Basics: An Essential Guide to Male Fertility for Fathers-to-Be

Mastering the Basics: An Essential Guide to Male Fertility for Fathers-to-Be

18:33 2nd August 2023 | Male Infertility

MaleFertility SpermCount Motility Morphology MaleInfertility Infections Varicocele EjaculationIssues Hormonalimbalance GeneticDisorders SemenAnalysis

Understanding male fertility is essential in the journey to parenthood. Knowledge empowers aspiring fathers to make informed decisions and take necessary steps to optimise their fertility

Male Infertility

04:55 9th April 2013 | Semen Parameters

Male Fertility Infertility Virility Fecundity Erection Orgasm Conception Unprotected Sexual Intercourse Investigations WHO Sperm Count Abnormal Sperms Motility Teratozoospermia Morphology Normozoospermia

Infertility has always been considered a problem that affects women because after all “it is the woman that did not get pregnant.” Increasingly it is becoming clear that a lot of these women are not getting pregnant because “the man is not getting them pregnant”. The situation is even more interesting in that most men confuse “virility” with “fecundity”.

Most men believe that virility, the ability to achieve and sustain an erection an...

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