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Open Your Mind to the World of Autism

Open Your Mind to the World of Autism

10:13 27th March 2018 | Autism

Autism Disorder WHO ASD Mental Health Psychological Interventions

Worldwide, there is not nearly enough services and support available for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and they are often subject to stigma, discrimination and human rights violations.

World Autism Awareness Day, observed annually on 2 April, hopes to continue increasing public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with ASD.

In this blog post we will give an overview of autism spectrum di...

What You Need to Know About the Cholera and Hepatitis E Waves in Nigeria

What You Need to Know About the Cholera and Hepatitis E Waves in Nigeria

20:28 31st August 2017 | Acute Disease

WHO Cholera Hepatitis E Nigerian Ministry of Health Liver inflammation

A red alert has been raised, by the World Health Organization (WHO), to spread awareness of the acute cases of cholera and hepatitis E in Nigeria. This after the Nigerian Ministry of Health notified the WHO, on 18 June 2017, of a wave of hepatitis E located in the north-east region of the country.

What is Cholera and How is it Transmitted?

Cholera is an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, typically...

What’s Happening in the World of Healthcare?

What’s Happening in the World of Healthcare?

08:45 24th July 2017 | Medical Innovations

Information Distribution Latest Innovation Medical Breakthroughs Epidemics Pandemics Measles Outbreaks Vaccination WHO Prediabetes Screening HIV Drugs Resistance Failed Therapy Drug Resistance Virus Drowned Toddler Brain Damage

In the era of mass travel and mass media, the growing amount of frequent travellers and distribution of information is incredible. We are more aware than ever of world news, including the latest innovations and medical breakthroughs as well as threatening epidemics and pandemics.

When dangerous diseases cross borders or oceans even more awareness should be created, but good news should be shared too. This blog post will give an overvi...

Meningitis Outbreak in Nigeria and Why You Should Care

Meningitis Outbreak in Nigeria and Why You Should Care

08:23 31st March 2017 | Dangerous Disease

Meningitis Outbreak Dangerous Disease Deafness Epilepsy Cognitive Deficits Disease Control Inflamed Brain Inflamed Spinal Cord Accurate Diagnosis Vaccination Antibiotics Abuja Centre WHO NPHCDA UNICEF NFELTP eHEALTH Africa NSDC

There is currently a meningitis outbreak in Nigeria which is life threatening. This dangerous disease can also cause deafness, epilepsy or cognitive deficits in the long term if it’s not caught and treated.

A CNN article reports that across 15 states nearly 2 000 suspected cases have been recorded and 109 have been treated since the outbreak began in February. According to Nigeria's Center for Disease Control, the meningitis outbrea...

It’s not necessarily your wife’s fault.

It’s not necessarily your wife’s fault.

18:15 1st July 2015 | Perfect Sperm

Sperm Fertilise Egg Baby Perfect Sperm IMSI WHO Mature Sperm Oval Head Successful Conception

We only need one sperm to fertilise an egg and produce a baby. But how do you find the right one? There are approximately 300 million sperm in a single ejaculation but not all of them can do the job.

Finding the perfect sperm

There’s a process called Intra-cytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) through which sperms are selected under an extremely powerful microscope. According to the World Health Organisatio...

Male Infertility

04:55 9th April 2013 | Semen Parameters

Male Fertility Infertility Virility Fecundity Erection Orgasm Conception Unprotected Sexual Intercourse Investigations WHO Sperm Count Abnormal Sperms Motility Teratozoospermia Morphology Normozoospermia

Infertility has always been considered a problem that affects women because after all “it is the woman that did not get pregnant.” Increasingly it is becoming clear that a lot of these women are not getting pregnant because “the man is not getting them pregnant”. The situation is even more interesting in that most men confuse “virility” with “fecundity”.

Most men believe that virility, the ability to achieve and sustain an erection an...

Further Thoughts on Male Infertility

04:56 7th April 2013 | Sperm Count

Male Fertility WHO Fertility Level Sperm Count Fertile Woman Pregnancy Younger Women Sperm Samples Regression Biological Variables

This vagueness about the definition of male infertility is an important point. A study carried out in New York a few years ago showed that 50% of men carrying their babies out of maternity hospitals have low sperm count according to the WHO parameters discussed in the previous post.

As a result, it is important to take into consideration the female when defining male infertility. This is because the fertility level of the female affec...

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