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What You Need to Know About Human Papillomavirus Now

What You Need to Know About Human Papillomavirus Now

11:46 7th January 2018 | Uncategorized

Human Papilomavirus Infection Genital Warts Cervical Cancer Pap Test Vaccination Bridge Clinic Medical Centre

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common infection contracted from skin contact and from vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone who has the virus. The infected person may not even show signs or experience any symptoms, in fact, symptoms could take years to show after HPV has been contracted.

The most important thing you need to know about Human Papillomavirus is that some types of HPV do not go away and can cause genital warts or l...

What’s Happening in the World of Healthcare?

What’s Happening in the World of Healthcare?

08:45 24th July 2017 | Medical Innovations

Information Distribution Latest Innovation Medical Breakthroughs Epidemics Pandemics Measles Outbreaks Vaccination WHO Prediabetes Screening HIV Drugs Resistance Failed Therapy Drug Resistance Virus Drowned Toddler Brain Damage

In the era of mass travel and mass media, the growing amount of frequent travellers and distribution of information is incredible. We are more aware than ever of world news, including the latest innovations and medical breakthroughs as well as threatening epidemics and pandemics.

When dangerous diseases cross borders or oceans even more awareness should be created, but good news should be shared too. This blog post will give an overvi...

Meningitis Outbreak in Nigeria and Why You Should Care

Meningitis Outbreak in Nigeria and Why You Should Care

08:23 31st March 2017 | Dangerous Disease

Meningitis Outbreak Dangerous Disease Deafness Epilepsy Cognitive Deficits Disease Control Inflamed Brain Inflamed Spinal Cord Accurate Diagnosis Vaccination Antibiotics Abuja Centre WHO NPHCDA UNICEF NFELTP eHEALTH Africa NSDC

There is currently a meningitis outbreak in Nigeria which is life threatening. This dangerous disease can also cause deafness, epilepsy or cognitive deficits in the long term if it’s not caught and treated.

A CNN article reports that across 15 states nearly 2 000 suspected cases have been recorded and 109 have been treated since the outbreak began in February. According to Nigeria's Center for Disease Control, the meningitis outbrea...

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