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Fertility doctor or OB/GYN: Who do we need to consult?

Fertility doctor or OB/GYN: Who do we need to consult?

14:06 4th August 2022 | IVF Treatment Cycle

ivf specialist fertility doctor ivf miscarriage gynaecologist ob/gyn

You might be unsure about who to run to for treatment. Your OB/GYN or a fertility specialist? What can one do for me over the other?

How Can IMSI used with IVF Help You?

How Can IMSI used with IVF Help You?

13:10 11th June 2019 | IMSI

IMSI abnormal sperm poor quality embryo poor quality sperm fertility procedure IVF miscarriage pregnancy

It is a treatment recommended for men with sperm quality issues, but certain groups of people may be more likely to require IMSI than others.

What are Hereditary Conditions and Why Can PGD Help?

What are Hereditary Conditions and Why Can PGD Help?

15:55 3rd March 2017 | Inherited Genes

Hereditary Conditions Defective Genes Conception Metabolic Disorder Genetic Disorder Speech Difficulty Intellectual Disability Multiple Organ Damage Defective Gene Defective Enzymes High Cholesterol Levels Cardiovascular Disease Muscle Degeneration Sperm Production Miscarriage Still Births PGD IVF Embryos Hereditary Disease

EmbryosHereditary conditions are diseases or disorders that are inherited genetically, in other words, defective genes that are passed on from a parent (or parents) to a child through conception.

Two examples of hereditary diseases that you might have heard of include muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome. Here are a few examples of hereditary conditions with brief descriptions:

Galactosemia : Complications of this metabolic disord...

Recurring pregnancy loss

Recurring pregnancy loss

21:49 9th February 2016 | Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage Terrible Experience Distressing Genetic Abnormaities Foetus Extra Chromosomes Problems Hysteroscope Good Life Sytle Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Diet

Having a miscarriage is extremely distressing. Having three or more miscarriages is a terrible experience for the women concerned and for those close to her. She needs all the love and support they can give to help her recover from the desperate disappointment and hopelessness she is feeling. It should be noted right away that recurring pregnancy loss (RPL) is often a natural process and almost two-thirds of women with RPL will eventual...

 What is your ovarian reserve and why is it important?

What is your ovarian reserve and why is it important?

21:46 9th February 2016 | Female Fertility

Ovarian Reserve Fertilisation Pregnancy Miscarriage FSH AMH Follicles Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Fertility Cycle Eggs

Ovarian reserve is a term that is used to determine the capacity of the ovary to provide egg cells that are not only capable of fertilisation but are more likely to result in a healthy and successful pregnancy. A woman’s ability to become pregnant decreases as she gets older because she has fewer eggs. The quality of her eggs also decreases and they are more likely to have abnormalities. This means that older women have lower pregnancy ...

Factors Affecting Outcome of Treatment

04:07 2nd October 2013 | Successful Treatment

Infertility Treatment Female Partner Embryo Transfer Fibroids Assisted Conception IVF Patients Donor Eggs Miscarriage Healthy Baby Multiple Pregnancy

Over the next few posts, I will be discussing different factors affecting outcome of treatment. Couples need to be aware of certain factors affecting the success of infertility treatment namely: The age of Female partner, Number of Eggs/Embryos Transferred, Fibroids, Fibroids & Infertility and Hydrosalpinx. This article discusses the first two.

The age of the Female Partner
Whether a woman conceives naturally or by assisted concepti...

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