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Does ovulation confuse you? You should read this.

Does ovulation confuse you? You should read this.

11:31 20th October 2022 | Ovulation

female infertility ovulation menstrual cycle period irregular cycle

Calculating your ovulation pattern can be confusing when you have irregular periods or some other underlying condition. This blog will discuss the five top signs of how to know when you’re ovulating. Read and enjoy.

Your hormones may be trapping your eggs.

Your hormones may be trapping your eggs.

12:24 31st August 2022 | Causes of Female Infertility

ovulation hormonal imbalance hormones infertility female infertility

Why do hormones really need to be balanced? Where exactly are they tipping over to? In this piece, Dr Chinedu Obikilu explains hormonal imbalance in simple terms

I am confused. When do I ovulate?

I am confused. When do I ovulate?

17:53 25th July 2022 | Ovulation

ovulation female infertility timed intercourse fertility window

You've probably heard several times that ovulation is the best time to have intercourse. That's not entirely wrong, but this piece will help you understand how best to take full advantage of this information.

How to Know When You’re Ovulating: 5 Signs

How to Know When You’re Ovulating: 5 Signs

10:40 28th January 2017 | Menstrual Cycle

Ovulation Ovulation Symptoms Ovulation Signs Regular Ovulation Irregular Ovulation Cervical Mucus Pelvic Pain Cervical Changes

When trying to conceive, it’s important to know what ovulation is and when it occurs. This blog post will discuss the five top signs of how to know when you’re ovulating. Remember, every woman is different, so by understanding your cycle and your ovulation symptoms you can increase the chances of falling pregnant by choosing optimal times for intercourse.

What is Ovulation?

It is useful to understand what ovulation is and when it ...



08:05 9th February 2016 | Medical Assessment

Sterility Infertility Fertility Unprotected Intercourse Pregnancy Testicular Factor Abnormal Sperm Production Testosterone Deficiency Genetic Defects Undescended Testes Post Testicular Factors Male Fertility Male Genital System Testicular Sperm Production Prostatic Retrograde Ejaculation Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction Hypospadias Impotence Fallopian Tubes Pelvic Infections Endometrosis Ovulation Cervical Blockage Mucus Production Hormone Testing Sperm Count Microscopic Examination FertilitySure Assessment

Many people use the terms sterility and infertility as if they are interchangeable. They are not and it is important to understand the difference. Primary Sterility is when a couple is unable to conceive after having unprotected intercourse for a specified period. Secondary sterility is when a couple has had at least one child but has been unable to achieve another pregnancy.

There are two categories of infertility. Primary infertilit...

Ovulation and Your Other Half (Nicole The Fertile Chick)

10:03 10th November 2014 | Ovulation Window

Ovulation Intimacy Fertility Challenge Egg Catchers Sexual Intercourse Sexual Spontaneity Fertile Window Food For Thought

I envy couples that have never had to worry about that interesting window in a woman’s cycle called ovulation. The joy of being able to be intimate with your husband without having one eye on the calendar!!! I have had some of my less-fertility-challenged friends tell me that they too are constantly on ovulation watch – in their case it’s not about trying to catch the egg, but how to MISS it. My reaction is always the same, classic eye ...

Natural Conception and Causes of Infertility

Natural Conception and Causes of Infertility

04:52 14th May 2013 | Unexplained Infertility

Natural Conception Intercourse Sperm Vagina Womb Cervix Uterus Fallopian Tubes Ovaries Ovulation Fertilisation Foetus Fertile Couples Normal Sperm Pregnancy Male Infertility Female Infertility Fertilised Eggs Maximal Infertility Basic Investigations Tubal Patency Semen Test Falloposcopy Semen Function Cummulative Risk Pelvic Infection Environmental Toxins

Before a couple can achieve conception naturally, they must have intercourse and during this process, the man ejaculates, that is, releases his sperm into the woman’s vagina. The sperms swim through the neck of womb (the cervix) into the uterus and down the fallopian tubes where, hopefully, the sperms will meet an egg that has been released from the women’s ovaries if intercourse coincides with ovulation. Fertilization may occur with a ...

Are You Planning to Get Pregnant?

Are You Planning to Get Pregnant?

04:59 15th March 2013 | Conception

Pregnancy Healthy Baby Healthy Mother Intercourse Ovulation Menstral Cycle Fertility Sexual Performance Gyneacologist BMI Ideal Body Weight Balanced Diet Pregnant Woman Folic Acid Exercise Sleep

The goal of every pregnancy is the delivery of a healthy baby to a healthy mother. However, this journey to motherhood can be made easier and healthier when it is well planned and prepared for. Several factors affect the ease of getting pregnant as well as the health of both mother and baby in pregnancy and afterwards. Planning your pregnancy helps you avoid or reduce pregnancy complications, give birth to a healthier baby, recover fast...

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