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Low Sperm Count and Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

22:15 16th April 2014 | Empirical Fertility Treatments

Fertility Drugs Sperm Count Empirical Treatments Vitamins Mineral Supplements Clinical Trials Improve Fertility Semen Parameters ICSI IVF Fertilisation

The list of drugs and procedures that have been tried is endless but none of them have been scientifically validated to lead to effective improvements in sperm count. Some of these empirical treatments which have been tried without demonstrable success include the use of hCG, hMG or anitoestrogen therapies (clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen), testosterone administration, Testolactone, Bromocriptine, Kallikrein, Pentoxyfylline and a...

Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Nigeria

Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Nigeria

10:47 2nd April 2014 | Male Fertility Procedure

Fertility Infertility ICSI Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection Spermiogenesis Fertilovit

The Bridge Clinic introduced Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) to Nigeria with the birth of the Emekwue twins in 2000 and since then thousands of couples have benefitted from the procedure. The interesting thing is that the procedure can help couples with the most abnormal semen parameters including men with azoospermia when there are no sperm cells in the ejaculate.
An interesting extension to ICSI is the novel process of intrac...

Couples may want to consider carrying out DNA testing on their babies after IVF treatment to confirm that they have the same genetics as the baby

Couples may want to consider carrying out DNA testing on their babies after IVF treatment to confirm that they have the same genetics as the baby

11:01 18th March 2014 | DNA Testing

IVF Treatment IVF Cycle Gametes Couples Female Fertility Egg Quality IVF Clinic Treatment Donated Eggs Informed Consent

One of the determinants of success in an IVF treatment cycle is the quality of gametes produced by the couples. There is a well-defined age related decline in female fertility and it is not unusual to have an egg quality issue especially when the woman is over 40 before presenting herself for IVF treatment. A good IVF clinic will discuss the prospects with the clients and then offer treatment with donated eggs after they have given info...

What should you look out for when choosing a fertility clinic?

What should you look out for when choosing a fertility clinic?

02:50 16th February 2014 | Fertility Clinics

Fertility Clinics Infertility Fertility IVF PGD PGS IVF centre

For most couples dealing with infertility, the choice of where to seek for help is confusing. Typically they are alone in their reality with few people they feel confident enough to confide in and are blindsided by the weight of emotions and insecurities that their current reality brings with it. For most people the years go by, without them achieving pregnancy, and they realise that there is a problem. The predominant attitude to infer...

Further Thoughts on Choosing a Fertility Clinic

03:00 13th February 2014 | Accredited IVF Centre

Quality Mangement IVF Treatment Ovarian Stimulation Protocol Maintainance Laboratory Media Incubators Room Temperature VOC Egg Collection Follicular Fluid HFEA Reproductive Medicine IVF Specialists Biological Science Obstetrician Gyneacologist Professional Body

What does quality management mean to you?
Quality management ensures that the IVF treatment that you receive is good enough to provide you with your best chance of getting pregnant. It means;

Your egg yield for IVF is optimal. Ovarian stimulation protocols are tailored to the selected patient’s parameters to assure adequate egg yield, adequacy being a function of the quality and quantity of the eggs, at egg collection. The handl...
Embryo vitrification relieves some of the stress of an IVF treatment cycle

Embryo vitrification relieves some of the stress of an IVF treatment cycle

03:02 16th January 2014 | Embryo Freezing

Embryo Vitrification New Technique Cryopreservation Bridge Clinic IVF Treatment Spare Embryos Pregnancy Ovarian Stimulation

The technique of embryo vitrification is an improvement on the older embryo freezing technique of slow freezing of the embryos. The pregnancy rates reported with cryopreservation are the same as those seen with fresh embryo transfer. Indeed, we have confirmed this with our work at The Bridge Clinic. It is normal to generate more than two embryos following IVF treatment. The spare embryos can be vitrified for transfer two or three months...

Is it ethical to transfer embryos before the 5th day?

03:07 12th January 2014 | Embryo Culture

Fertilisation Fallopian Tubes Natural Conception Fertilised Eggs Implantation IVF Treatment Cycle Embryo Transfer Day 5 5th Day Blatocyst Culture Conditions Quality Management System IVF Clinics Bridge Clinic Pregnancy

Fertilisation of the egg by the sperm occurs within the Fallopian tubes during a natural conception. The fertilised egg travels along the Fallopian tube to get to the uterus for implantation on the 5th day after fertilisation.

It has increasingly been shown that implantation rates and hence pregnancy rates are much higher when embryos are cultured to the fifth day before transfer in an IVF treatment cycle.

The risk, of course is t...

Steps to IVF Treatment – Results

03:54 23rd December 2013 | In-Vitro Fertilisation

Counselling Review Consultation Donor Eggs Donor Sperms Counsellor Emotional Support

Professional counseling services are offered freely to all couples undergoing treatment at The Bridge Clinic. We recommend that every couple use these facilities. The  counselor’s role is to assist couples by exploring and evaluating all the possible treatment alternatives , prepare for the treatment ahead, and offer ongoing support .  In particular, we urge all couples undergoing treatment using donor eggs or sperm to rece...

Steps to IVF Treatment – After Embryo Transfer

03:55 18th December 2013 | In-Vitro Fertilisation

Pregnancy Test Embryo Implanting Ectopic Pregnancy Vaginal Ultrasound

For the next two weeks, you should try and carry on with your every day life as normally as possible, as rest, holidays, taking time off work etc, will not increase the chances of the embryos implanting and thus pregnancy.  If you have not had a period 14 days after egg collection, you should have a pregnancy test performed on a sample of early morning urine. If the test is positive, we will arrange a vaginal ultrasound one week later, ...

Steps to IVF Treatment – Embryo Transfer

03:59 9th December 2013 | In-Vitro Fertilisation

Embryo Grading Embryo Transfer Cervix FSH Injections Uterus Assisted Hatching Blastocyst Transfer Zona Pellucida PGD PGS

The next step in the IVF treatment process after the Egg collection process is the Embryo grading and transfer.

Embryo Grading
Embryo grading takes place on the day of embryo transfer. Embryos are graded visually looking at them under the microscope. We look at the shape of the embryo’s cells and assess how smoothly the cells are dividing by looking for fragmentation. Ideally, there should be no fragmentation as in a grade one embryo.&...

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